Week 16: Rediscovering the joys of running

  • Hours on the run: 3:18
  • Kilometres: 36.9
  • Calories burned: 46 apples
  • Soundtrack: Alvaro Soler – La Cintura

Marathon day is fast approaching! I’m writing this with just 2 days to go and a whole lot of packing still to do!

Last week I fell in love with running all over again. Up until now, it was becoming a bit of a chore, and the excitement of sticking religiously to a well-planned schedule fizzled out some weeks ago. Runs were becoming more of a thing to get out of the way (while seemingly having my life planned around them!). Last weekend, I ran at my own time and at my own pace. That meant I could head out early evening and soak up the beautiful golden landscapes as the sun was setting and quietly marvel at the beauty of spring.

FullSizeRender 2

It really was a joy to be running, and it made me realise just how much of an effect it has on my mind. When I head out into nature and don’t have time constraints, everything just lifts. Dreams come alive again, and smiles work their way through the daily stresses. The world I’m running through becomes far more important than my own struggles and I become thankful for each breath, thankful for the beauty surrounding me and thankful to be just one tiny part of an incredible planet.

FullSizeRender 3

It’s really wonderful to have that joy back, and I’m looking forward to just running for fun after this weekend.

But first! The final challenge, the event I’ve been building up to for weeks and weeks now. The run I’ve been dreaming about, anticipating with excitement and fear! All the training is done… now its all about taming those nerves, building up my emergency playlist, and getting that packing done!

And of course, requesting final donations! There’s still a way to go to reach the target, so if anyone would still like to make a contribution, it would be so very much appreciated!

Sunday here we come! ✈️🏃🏻‍♀️

The soundtrack this week is La Cintura by Alvaro Soler. It’s such a summery tune, it really lit up my run last week


3 thoughts on “Week 16: Rediscovering the joys of running

  1. Come on everyone – how can we get Sarah to her fundraising total? She has worked so hard. To reach her total would give her such a boost for the actual marathon. Any ideas about where we can share the news further or what we can do?

    Sarah – I’m so pleased that you are feeling much more positive about it all. What you have achieved already is amazing. Not long to go and then you can have a well-deserved break.

  2. Reblogged this on CROSSING CULTURES, FINDING FREEDOM and commented:
    Sarah Fencott, a friend who lives and works in Holland and who made two films for TESS (Teso Educational Support Services) in Uganda, has been training for four months for the London Marathon this Sunday. She is running to raise money for Chance for Childhood, a charity which works in Africa supporting seriously disadvantaged children. She has been writing an entertainingly imaginative and honest weekly Blog. With only three days to go, it would be great if we could help her reach her target of £2,000, but she still needs a further £600.

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