Day 9: Penultimate day (and the hills are bigger!)

Date: 30 September 2014
Route: Pussigny – Naunteuil en Vallee
In the saddle: 08:30 – 19:00
Distance:  140 km 

I got up at 7 and had a not-so nutritious breakfast of bread, jam and croissants and headed off into heavy mist around 08:30. There were many hills today and I was feeling incredibly tired. The route took me through Chatellerault and on down through Poitiers.


I waited until I got to the other side of Poitiers to have my lunch, and eventually stopped in a lovely village called Nouaille Maupertuis. I should also say the French couscous has been a God-send on these long rides. I devour an entire (large) pack in one sitting!


The weather is definitely getting warmer as I’m heading south, and I’ve been so lucky to have such amazing sunny days!

It was at this point that I calculated I must have reached 1,000km so I made a little sign and asked a old French man (with another King Charles Spaniel!) to take a photo. He seemed a bit confused at first and thought I wanted to take a picture of him, until I showed him my sign and then he understood! Still, the dog managed to photo bomb it all the same! 🙂


I must been getting closer to my destination now as I’ve reached the sunflowers! Alas, they’ve all gone over at this time of year:


I also passed by one or two very odd monuments, this one being particular hilarious, just outside of Chateau Garnier:


And a more traditional sight at Le Peu:


I got to see some beautiful sunsets on my ride, like this one just outside of Naunteuil en Vallee:


This afternoon’s ride was certainly hilly! I made it to my intended campsite by 7pm but it had completely closed up for the year. Since it would be my last night before reaching St. Privat, I decided to pitch my tent anyway and forgo the shower. I had enough water with me to cook with, and there was a small stream nearby, so I could refill ready for the next day from there.

I didn’t get much sleep though, I felt quite vulnerable in my tent for some reason. I heard the village clock chime every hour throughout the night until 04:00. Then I drifted off to sleep and woke up at 06:30. I was eager to get going as today was (fingers crossed!) my final day!

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