Day 10: I made it! End of the adventure!

Date: 1 October 2014
Route: Naunteuil en Vallee – St Privat des Pres
In the saddle: 08:00 – 16:00
Distance:  100 km ish

Well the hills seemed to get even bigger today! The morning started off very misty:


So I got some nice eerie photos:



I also met some cuties on the way:


And I passed through this famous place (thankfully it didn’t smell like its namesake):


It must have been around 26 degrees today and the sun felt so strong, I kept having to stop and put sun cream on.

I didn’t stop for any lunch as I was so close now, I just wanted to push on, so I fuelled on my nuts and dried fruit all day instead.

It was at this point that I knew I was close (and then proceeded to get lost!):


And finally, the last hill of the entire trip (one I know very well!):


And I made it! 9.5 days of cycling, something like 1,100 km, 6 nights camping, 3 nights b&b, thousands and thousands of calories consumed and a very exhausted but happy cyclist! Dad had even made a sign to welcome me!


And now for some refuelling and a lot of relaxing before flying back to Amsterdam! What an unbelievable trip! And hopefully one day, I will have enough time to do the entire route from Haarlem down to Santiago de Compostella….. Watch this space! 🙂


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