Week 12: Knocked out of action…

… by a hornet.

  • Hours on the run: 4:26
  • Kilometres: 46.92
  • Missed runs: 1 (probably should have been 3)
  • Hornet stings: 4
  • Calories burned: 2,257
  • Soundtrack: Sting – Message in a bottle

Who’d have thought it? (in March as well!) After all the worries about old running injuries coming back to haunt me, and overly tight calves, it was actually a tiny (OK not that tiny) insect that knocked me off schedule!

The unfortunate beast was having a snooze inside my running tights on Tuesday evening as they hung on the drying rack. Not realising what a wasp or hornet sting actually feels like, I let it get me four times before the curiosity of what on earth the pain could be became great enough for me to roll my trousers up, and out it flopped.

I thought it best to still run that evening – my theory was that moving my legs would help the blood circulate faster and therefore drain away the toxins more quickly…

Maybe it helped, maybe it hindered… for the next four days my ankle remained quite swollen and kind of awkward to walk on. I still ran again on Thursday evening, but by the end of that run I felt like it definitely wasn’t helping, so I bailed out of my Saturday run and started taking a bunch of antihistamines and ibuprofen to try and get it to calm down. It seemed to work – by Saturday evening the swelling had almost gone, and so the next morning I headed out with (quite some) trepidation for the big test – the 32km monster.

Nerves and a sluggishness accompanied me for the first 45 minutes or so, until I made a pitstop for the toilet, and also took off my running jacket (the sun was starting to warm things up by then). A  little more composed and comfortable, I got into more of a zone. 

The weather was absolutely ideal for the run – around 10 degrees with sun and cloud. Since it wasn’t overly warm, I was able to manage with just using my 500ml handheld water bottle for the three-hour run. However having just done a search of how much water you should drink while running (obviously it depends on speed and temperature/humidity etc) it seems I should be aiming for around 360ml per hour! Eek. I might need to rethink my water strategy for the next two long runs, perhaps having to circle back around my house to pick up more.

Although I didn’t ever get to a point where I just needed to stop on this run, it was really, really tough towards the end (the last 6-8km). I had to circle round the local park a couple of times to eke out the last 6km, and I did seem to get a few funny looks from people probably thinking why does she look so exhausted when just doing a few laps of the park?! I think a grimace was quite firmly plastered to my face by that point!

Somehow, I made it though. I will admit, there were quite a few times during that run that I really thought, I absolutely, whole-heartedly do not want to run this marathon. Of course, when I finished the run, the discomfort faded away and I got my enthusiasm back, but it was a heavy one, that’s for sure.

More of the same next weekend (all being well)…🤞

The soundtrack to this week is anything by Sting. Of course.

Please consider sponsoring me for the London Marathon. I’m running for Chance for Childhood, a charity that protects children from the devastating consequences of extreme poverty, conflict and disability.


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