St James’ Cycle Route

In late September 2014, I cycled part of the St James’ cycle route (St Jacob’s Fietsroute) (Camino  de Santiago) from Almere in the north of the Netherlands, to St Privat des Pres in southern France.

Here you can find a summary and pictures from the 10-day journey. I used the maps from Clemens Sweerman (in Dutch) as my guide.

My bike is a Koga Signature (hand-made in the Netherlands, specifically made for long distance touring  – very similar to this one. I bought it from a wonderful bike shop in Amsterdam, De Vakantiefietser – experts in long distance touring , with the owner Eric having cycled around the world numerous times!

In the top navigation you can access the posts I made for each day of the trip. If you have any questions or just want a bit of advice, feel free to reach out to me at

Below you can find an approximation of the route I took (I mapped it retrospectively, so don’t follow it street for street!)


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