Provisions for the journey

Here’s a list of the things I took for the 10 day trip:


  • 2 jars of peanut butter (both finished)
  • 1 pack of 500g porridge oats (almost finished)
  • 1 packet of dark chocolate (finished and at least one other bar consumed too)
  • Huge pack of peanuts and dried fruit
  • Tea bags (black tea and herbal for sleeping)
  • 1 pack of 500g pasta (not finished)
  • 3 instant adventure food meals (most of them double servings so actually 6) (I really recommend the cashew nasi… mmm so good!)
  • A few stock cubes (for adding to the pasta)
  • Tin of sweetcorn (replaced along the way) – great for adding to the plain pasta
  • Protein powder (I added this to tea at when I stopped cycling at the end of the day to give my muscles a boost)
  • A couple of emergency energy gels and bars
  • I always carried at least 2-3 litres of water on the bike, refilling wherever I could

I also stopped at a supermarket once a day (whenever I happened to by cycling past one) to stock up on fruit (bananas, apples, couscous, bread, and shredded carrots). And stopped at the odd bakery for a croissant! 🙂

Other items:

  • Tent (Nordisk Svalbard 1)
  • Sleeping bag (15+ years old!)
  • Sleeping mat (on this trip I used a standard  cheap foam one but have since bought an amazing self inflating one which provides so much more comfort and still folds down really small: Therm-a-rest rest trail pro
  • Cooking stove (just the smallest one from an outdoors store)
  • 2 small tins of butane gas (used just one of them for the trip)
  • Two saucepans  plus lids (used just one of them)
  • Sharp knife
  • Regular knife, fork and spoon (lost the spoon!)
  • Tongs (for the saucepans)
  • Waterproof matches
  • Tin opener
  • Re-chargable battery pack
  • iPhone
  • Head torch
  • Padlock (for tent zipper and bike)
  • 1 roll toilet paper (just enough!)
  • Sanitising hand gel
  • Small container of washing up liquid
  • Water purifying tablets/liquid
  • Mug (no plates, I ate out of the saucepan)
  • Yellow high vis jacket (a legal requirement in France)
  • Pepper spray (an illegal addition, but gave me a bit more peace at night!)

Nice to have (for next time)

  • Mini solar lamp to hang in the tent at night
  • Cloth or scrub to clean the saucepan
  • Plastic sacks for rubbish
  • Second pair of shoes (if it rains!)

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