Week 7: Springy steps

  • Hours on the run: 2:64
  • Kilometres: 28
  • Calories burned: 29 falafels
  • Runs in the sun: 2!
  • Soundtrack: Waves by Dean Lewis

With the temperature rising to a balmy 16 degrees this weekend, spring is definitely in the air. It’s so refreshing to feel the sun directly on your skin and warmer skies on the breeze.

This week was a much easier week with only short runs, to help recover from the past four weeks of building. My legs definitely needed it – calf muscles are so tight, at some points on a run they feel like they’re going to snap.

Of course, that won’t be good, so I’m upping the foam rolling and stretching – trying to do it daily. Also planning in a few sports massages to see if they can loosen things up before I start hitting all of the bigger distances in the coming weeks.

It doesn’t look like much of a stretch here, but that heel drop really hits the spot for tight calves (it was a beautiful morning for a run too.).

Slower runs this weekend meant more time for taking photos! This is a nice little route around the main lake in the centre of Almere. I absolutely love running by the water (unless I’m thirsty and don’t have a drink!) – it gives off such a positive energy and is just so calming at the same time.

Almere running routes - Het Weerwater
Almere running routes - Het Weerwater

This week was a bit more emotional for me. After the relief and buzz of finishing the half marathon last weekend, the following day it hit me that it was the first race I’ve done since Dad passed away. The absence of good luck messages ahead of the run, and no post-run excited chatter recounting the day’s events – it brought me bluntly back to reality. Even though I felt him cheering me on during the race which gave me a powerful boost, the silence and tears afterwards were just as profound.

I’ve noticed after you lose someone close to you, life events start being categorised as ‘While they were here’ or ‘After they died’ (i.e. did we share it with them or not). I’ve become used to so many events taking place without Mum over the last 9 years, but from now on, everything that happens will also take place without Dad. It’s a thought that fills me with a lot of emptiness – an emptiness you learn to live with over time, I think.

For now though, I am grateful for all the things I do have in my life – especially my health. So here’s to the next running weeks and hopefully more sunshine guiding us gently into spring.

The soundtrack this week is Waves by Dean Lewis. Emotions up and down, but the energy always there, moving us forward.

Please consider sponsoring me for the London Marathon. I’m running for Chance for Childhood, a charity that protects children from the devastating consequences of extreme poverty, conflict and disability.

2 thoughts on “Week 7: Springy steps

  1. Well done, Sarah. Thank you for writing all about it (and for the lovely photos) – not just the sunny side, but the physical and emotional pain, the deep sadness and loneliness. You are so courageous. I pray the pain will get easier, especially as you share your progress with all of us. You’re not alone and are still much loved.

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